IMG_4875Over the years we have received many wonderful testimonials from the patients we have treated. We sincerely appreciate the testimonials we receive. Below you will find our latest testimonials.

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I have had severe, unrelenting back pain for over 40 years. I could not stand for more than a few minutes without going into major spasm and this spasm acted as a trigger for my already severe Fibromyalgia.

Prolotherapy/Prolozone has given me my life back after a severe fall and rear end collision, which made my already debilitating pain that much worse.  I can’t praise this therapy or Dr. Ellsworth  enough for his expertise and gentle approach.

Betsy Timmerman

Myotherapist  & Fibromyalgia educator


I’ve had three Ortho Meniscus removals from my right knee over the years in order to correct damage caused during a fall while hiking. The scopes have done nothing but destabilize my knee ,limit how I exercise and help send the surgeons kids to college.

When I injured my left knee I was again told by an ortho surgeon that the Meniscus removal was my only option.  It hurt to walk, stand, and run.   Dr. Ellsworth and Prolotherapy have healed my left knee without surgery or physical therapy.  The injections actually rebuild the damaged tissue as nature intended it to be, thus eliminating destabilization and further problems with the joint.  Dr. Ellsworth is now rebuilding the meniscus in my right knee and correction the damage surgery did.

This is a truly amazing example of true healing!

B. Nowlan


I have had shoulder pain for 2 months and limited range of motion with constant pain. After just one shot of Prolotherapy I had a huge improvement in range of motion and my pain was reduced enormously.  I was so surprised to get so much improvement in one session. I would definitely recommend it.

Debi Reyes


I first heard about Prolotherapy in a newsletter from Dr. Julian Whitaker, Newport Beach California. Little did I know that I would one day need it. In April of 1983 my husband Jim and his associates were asked by President Reagan to take on a project in re-vitalizing Jamaica’s agriculture. We soon learned that Kingston was a dangerous place to live. I learned through the American Embassy that a Korean Tai Kwando instructor was giving women self-defense lessons. I signed up and (sigh!) injured my left knee doing a round house kick. The doctor put an elastic wrap around it and nothing else. When we returned to the U.S I found a Prolo doctor. Thirty years late I can still touch my heel to my left glute. Then in 1999 I was rear ended in Boulder Colorado and there was no Prolo doctor to be found. I then moved to Arkansas, my back was still a mess so I found a doctor in Kansas City Missouri (by this time I was crawling on my hands and knees in the morning to the bathroom). After 22 Pro treatments I was taking tap dancing lessons. We have just moved to Arizona and are fortunate to have found Dr.Ellsworth. My husband Is already better after one session for his back. I had a touch up on my back and feel great! Prolozone is a wonderful step up!

Michelle Rinella


I am 38 years old and have had chronic left hip pain for 15 years.  I started seeing Dr. Ellsworth for a food intolerance test in March 2013.  During my Initial visit Dr. Ellsworth mentioned   Prolotherapy to me and explained the procedure. I went in the next week for my first treatment. I went in weekly and before I knew it I was sleeping on my left side again (for the first time in 15 years)! I love prolotherapy and encourage everyone to give it a try

Happy patient:  Shannon Berliner


I had Whiplash and after 3 treatments no more pain. After a year of treatments there are no reoccurrences of headaches or pain. Love this stuff.

Debbie Reda


I should have written this years ago, Dr.  Rob is the best!!! I try to refer as many patients as I can to him. He is caring, personable and well educated. In short a fabulous doctor. I have found him to be a valuable healer for myself, my family, and my patients. The world needs more Dr. Robs!!! Thanks Dr. Rob & Staff!


Dr. Dan Secrest, DC

Secrest Family Chiropractor


Hello Dr. Ellsworth,
I hope you all are doing well. I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help with Aidan. Only two weeks after changing his diet by eliminating artificial colors and flavors, gluten and dairy, and giving him his Vibe and DHA vitamins daily, my son is a completely different child. He went from being angry, defiant, and hyper all the time to sweet and calm. He is able to focus more and is definitely more personable and interactive with others. It is amazing how changing his diet has completely changed him. Aidan is happy and the whole family is thrilled with his peacefulness and progress. I hope that you are able to help others like you have helped us. We are eternally grateful to you.
Thank You!!!



Dr Ellsworth’s prolotherapy was quick and painless with no troubling after effects. I received seven treatments over a period of four months. Each and every treatment produced noticeable improvement. Prolotherapy works



My son was having severe behavioral issues in kindergarten. He would eventually be diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, but we had just begun diagnostic process and we were desperate. Dr. Ellsworth suggested that we test him for food sensitivities. As we suspected, my son was reacting to a list of foods. It was quite overwhelming, but Dr Ellsworth explained everything clearly and gave us lots of suggestions for food substitutions.



I was having back, shoulder, and some knee pain too. Dr Ellsworth took the time to help educate me with info on prolotherapy. I had looked in to this therapy several years prior, only to find I could afford the process. Dr. Ellsworth’s pricing was much more reasonable. Their staff really cares about the patients too. I have had great success with his program. I have better movement and much less pain. I am fascinated at how well this works. I have had surgery for a knee and this is much better.



I have gone in for prolo injections and have had great success. I didn’t work out for a couple of years because I was in pain. I am working out and almost 100% better. I would recommend prolo to anyone with injuries because it saved me from surgery and I am very active again. Dr Ellsworth not only was about treating the injury but also the person.



It has been over a year since I first started going to Five Seasons Health and working with Dr Ellsworth. During that time my health has improved dramatically. As just one example, with doing th food panels, I discovered what foods my body is sensitive to. Then began the relatively easy process of avoiding the foods. Now I am eating the foods my body likes. I immediately felt better, had more energy, and lost weight too. I feel great! I can use that incredible value of knowledge for the rest of my life. I also had a hormone assessment done and the feedback those tests provided to hormone therapy treatments that have been a great benefit to me. Those are just two of the many ways I have been able to improve my health with Dr Ellworth. I am very grateful to Dr Ellsworth and his wife Sue and look forward to continuing the process of improving my health and over all well being at Five Seasons Health.



Approaching the two year mark since finding Dr. Ellsworth at Five Seasons Health and I can honestly say my health is significantly better. I initially approached Dr. Ellsworth for joint pain (another doctor suggested Vicodin) and after a food panel test, three months off foods I was sensitive to, and starting the right supplements, my joint pain was gone along with 10pounds of fat. I have more energy and feel good.

Over the last year and half I have been treated for heavy metal poisoning, received pro-lo therapy, and have shifted from antibiotics to natural remedies. I look better, I feel better, I sleep better and, best of all, I do not get sick nearly as often. I can’t thank Dr. Ellsworth and the dedicated folks working with him enough and encourage anyone interested in improving health to make an appointment.

Chris K.