Botanical and Nutritional Medicine


Botanical Medicine

Dr. Robert Ellsworth formulates many botanical formulas for his patients.  Herbs and Botanicals have been effectively used as food and medicine for thousands of years. The Iceman, a prehistoric man was discovered frozen in a glacier. He had a leather bag containing herbs that would treat the physical conditions that he suffered from. It is a natural part of every culture in the world to use plants as part of their natural approach to wellness. Like so many other things in modern times, we have become disenfranchised from the innate wisdom of our past generations. Indigenous people in the world today, still depend on herbal medicine as their primary form of health care. Many of the pharmaceutical medicines that are used today were derived from plants and then modified so that they might be patented. These drugs always have a huge list of side effects because they have been altered from the constituents found in the original plant source.

One of our most popular botanical remedies is our URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) formula. This blend of herbal tinctures is very effective against both viral and bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract. Since the common cold and flu is usually viral and doesn’t respond to antibiotics, our URI formula works quite well in shortening the illness. Many people use it as a preventative when they are going to be in a situation of increased exposure. These include travel, especially on an airplane or going to conferences where they will be around a large number of people and possibly exposed to something bacterial or viral. It is a truly empowering experience, as you work with  plant extracts unleashing their medicinal properties in the medicine you create.