Prolozone Treatment for Joint Pain and Dysfunction

Prolozone is one of the Proltherapy family of treatments for rebuilding ligaments, tendons and joint capsules. These areas of the body do not heal well without an outside stimulus. That is why, for example, people who have sustained a whiplash injury in an automobile accident are plagued with neck pain and headaches forever. Fascia tissue injuries even at early ages can  cause degenerative conditions leading to arthritis or joint and back pain syndromes appearing later in life. Ligaments and tendons are like the old fashioned metal slinky toys, if you over- stretch them, they won’t go back to their original length, in this case about a 4% stretch.  This causes joint instability which leads to further wear and degenerative changes at an accelerated rate. This is how people start developing knee pain and they are told that they are bone on bone and need a knee replacement. These maladies tend not to correct themselves so we must be proactive in their treatment or face a future of compounding pain and joint problems.

Prolozone is my favorite of the regenerative therapies that we do in our office. I have done Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for years but my success with Prolozone and the benefit to my patients has made it my primary treatment for musculo-skeletal, back and joint pain. Prolozone is an injection procedure similar to Prolotherapy but the nutrient solution is more complex and also incorporates ozone gas. The use of ozone has brought a whole new dimension to many aspects of healing the human body.

There are many advantages to using the Prolozone technique for the treatment of musculo-skeletal pain, back pain and joint dysfunction. Regardless of which type of Prolotherapy one chooses, the object is to stimulate and create a healing response in damaged tissues, that the body would otherwise ignore. This is a crucial distinction between Regenerative Joint Therapies and treatments like Cortisone and Synvisc injections that only reduce inflammation and pain temporarily. Their effect eventually wears off and you are left with the same degenerative problem that you started with. Most healing processes require initializing a degree of inflammation to trigger a response by the body to heal the affected area.

Prolozone uses increased oxygen utilization by the tissues and increased energy production by the mitochondria of the cells to create the healing response. There are many other advantages to Prolozone therapy as well. I find that with Prolozone, I  get a greater healing response with fewer treatments. Since I don’t have to create any inflammation in an already sensitive area, the Prolozone treatments are much more patient friendly than either standard Prolotherapy or PRP treatments. Most patients come in for treatment and then return to work right after their appointment. Prolozone also has a broader disbursement in the tissues than standard Prolo or PRP, requiring fewer injections per treatment to get an equal or greater result. For these reasons, I especially like to use Prolozone around the spine and inside joint capsules. Ozone is a great anti-microbial and may be used safely around areas of infection or damaged tissue. Prolozone therapy is especially effective in regenerating the cartilage in knees, ankles, shoulders, hips and other damaged joints.

Prolozone is a very effective therapy for many types of musculo-skeletal problems. This includes acute injuries, chronic injuries and pain from any source; severely degenerated joints, back pain, post surgeries, artificial joints, fractures, non-union fractures, pulled muscles and common everyday strain/sprains. These problems don’t heal well by themselves and won’t just go away with time. I encourage you to be proactive so that you can continue to live  an active  and vibrant lifestyle.