ADHD New Treatment Plans and Website

Our passion for ADHD Naturally began 37 years ago!

Dr Ellsworth’s and my passion on ADD/ADHD issues began 37 years ago when our first born was only 2 years old.  He would run into our bedroom every morning and we would see the look in his eyes and we felt so sad and scared for him all at the same time.

Sometimes his eyes would roll back and we knew it would be another difficult day.  We could say “isn’t it a wonderful happy day?”  His response was often “No – it’s a nasty day.”  He was often frustrated and could simply not cope with normal day to day situations.  Multiple times per day, he would throw himself on the floor and have a temper tantrum.  We were so distressed to see our little boy so unhappy.

My sister Dianne was also having ADHD issues with her son and recommended we try the Feingold diet that eliminates all artificial colors, dyes, artificial flavorings and artificial preservatives.  It was a miracle and we soon had a very happy 2 year old that was temper tantrum free!  Of course, there were some trials and difficult set backs as the Grandparents doubted us!  We came home one day after leaving our son and they threw their hands up to admit that we caught them and they were now believers.  They gave our son an artificial donut and his behavior changed immediately including throwing himself on the floor for a major temper tantrum.  We had their full cooperation after that day!   All 3 of our sons grew up living and setting an example for others with their positive attitude about ADD and ADHD treatments and the Feingold diet.  They did not feel different but special and educated and passionate about eating well and making healthy choices.  All 3 are Eagle Scouts, college graduates with great careers and children that also live and believe in the Feingold diet!  With diet modification and nutritional supplemention our 3 sons and now 4 grandchildren support our naturopathic philosophy.  Medication should always be a last resort for ADHD not the first.  Our belief is that children and adults may have a nutritional deficiency or need but are not medication deficient!  My husband, Dr. Ellsworth graduated from Cornell University and returned to Naturopathic Medical School later in life as his purpose was to be a doctor since he was 12 yrs old!  We are never to old to go after our dreams!  We are so proud of him and appreciate his continued support and desire to help others live a healthy life.   Patients are welcome to visit or call us at our medical office,  Five Seasons Health in Scottsdale Arizona.

ADHD Naturally has been a driven passion for our family and we hope to help other children and adults to learn how to live medication free, to appreciate their gifts and strengths and to help share and pass on the information they learn. Our middle son Austin has now worked very hard to establish a new website to provide a comprehensive 3 step program at   Please visit and share this amazing resource to help others with ADHD issues.

We are hopeful that we can help change the present paradigm to TEST and EDUCATE before you Medicate.

Suzanne Ellsworth

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