APO-E Gene Testing

We are very passionate about sharing this very important information about APOE Gene testing that we offer at our office.  If you have a family history of Alzheimers or Cardiovascular disease, we encourage you to take a proactive step in learning about this very important program.  Our personal experience has led us to a proactive approach that may help reduce many health risk factors.   Dr. Ellsworth’s wife Sue has three immediate family members with Alzheimers along with additional inherited Cardiovascular risk factors.  Meeting Pam McDonald and working with The Perfect Gene Diet has dramatically helped our family and many of our patients.  Our wish is to share our personal steps to help prevent disease and to help improve the quality of family, friends and loved ones everywhere.   APOE testing is now available in our office.
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Anonymous Testing
Privacy is of utmost importance in genetic testing—so your results can never be used to deny you health insurance, long  term care insurance or employment. Our anonymous testing is done using a number rather than your name.
We offer two testing options. Both programs are based on ApoE gene testing:
1. A cheek cell swab test done by mail as part of our support program.   OR
2. A blood test drawn in our office.

Option 1:   APO E Gene Testing & Program

This option also provides anonymous testing and in office or telephone support to shape a program ideal for your unique gene type. It includes:
  1. A copy of Pamela McDonald’s Book The Perfect Gene Diet
  2. Anonymous blood draw in our office or cheek-swab Apo E gene testing by mail.
  3. An initial 30-minute in office or phone consultation with our staff to prepare you for both the testing and follow-up program to detail your family history and outline options for using the results of your test outcome.
  4. Your unique genetic diet program materials, exercise logs and resource materials.
  5. One follow-up one hour consultation with Dr. Ellsworth plus two 45 minute visits over a period of the next two months to develop and carry out your unique plan to include;
  • Diet based on your Apo E gene – recommendations—optimal for your gene type.
  • Exercise program
  • Genetic & Dietary consultation
    At the conclusion of your sessions, if you desire further support with your improvement program, ongoing  office or phone appointments and consultations are available.All services are provided within our unique supportive environment with our personal experiences with the program. 

    $595.00     (plus $17.95 shipping and handling if mailed)

    Option 2:  APO E Gene Testing & Program

    If you do not live in our area or would like a shorter and more economical option, we have a program to accomodate you.  We have a cheek swab APOE gene test that we will mail to you that includes your anonymous identification number.  Detailed instructions are included with the cheek swab.  If you are a current patient or live in the area, we will schedule a blood draw in the office.   Once the test results are returned, we provide additional support with an abbreviated program.
    Your unique genetic diet program materials, exercise logs and resource materials.
    A one-time 45-60 minute phone or office consultation with Dr. Ellsworth.
    $449.00   plus $17.95 shipping and handling.

    Option 3:   The Advanced Cholesterol Testing

    (tests the 13 different types of cholesterol)

    $399.00   Cash price includes blood draw in our office along with Dr. Ellsworth’s evaluation of test results and a 30-45 minute in office or phone consultation to discuss the results and any recommendations that Dr. Ellsworth may have for you.
    If insurance covers your test, our additional charge will be $149.00 which will include the cost of the blood draw, evaluation and a 30 minute consult.
    Please call 1-480-423-7060