APO E Gene Diet

Did you know your body provides warning signals before chronic disease, like Alzheimer’s Disease, develops? Subtle changes in the body such as obesity, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure can lead to serious chronic illnesses including heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. A recent Alzheimer’s abstract from the Alzheimer’s Association confirmed that, in
just 6 years, Alzheimer’s disease has increased by an alarming 47%. In addition, many experts believe a serious dementia trend is emerging from our current obesity and diabetes epidemic.

What if you could stop Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses? Your body’s own DNA is a predictor of many chronic disease risk factors. Dr. Robert Ellsworth, Naturopathic Physician of Five Seasons Health in Scottsdale, is incorporating cutting-edge research using genetic testing in his practice. Dr. Ellsworth and other integrative medicine practitioners have learned your body’s own genes are the best predictor of chronic disease coupled with diet and exercise. *The Perfect Gene Diet* is his approach; an innovative health and lifestyle program developed by Pamela McDonald, a board certified nurse practitioner from Northern California with clinical research and medical science supporting the plan.

Genetic testing uses simple blood tests, or cheek swab, to test for a person’s specific type of APO E gene and advanced cholesterol levels. Each type of APO E gene requires a particular balance of carbohydrate, fat, and protein for optimal health. McDonald’s research demonstrates that matching these findings with a personalized lifestyle plan minimizes the patient’s risk of chronic disease, including Alzheimer’s Disease.

Five Seasons Health is dedicated to partnering with patients to help attain the highest possible level of wellness through proactive lifestyle education and individualized natural medical therapeutics. Learn more by attending the “Perfect Gene Diet” seminar November 6, 2010, at Chaparral Suites, Scottsdale, AZ. Pamela McDonald, FNP, and award winning author of “*The APO E Gene Diet*,” and the new release “*The Perfect Gene Diet*” will join the event as a special guest speaker.

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